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Magic Wars


Looking for a WAR STRATEGY game that stands out from the pack? Want to go to battle with Humans, Orcs, and the Undead? Want to view battles of rally armies in Real-Time to optimize your soldier combinations? Want to conquer Dragon Caves with your allies, contend for the Throne, and become the one true KING? Find that Fresh, Intense, Immersive feeling right here in Magic Wars!If you enjoy PVP or MMO games, then you’ll definitely get a kick out of constantly plundering resources and battling with other Lords. If you tend towards Peacefulness and Cooperation, and want to Make Friends with like-minded people, then our powerful real-time translation system and Alliance features will be a big help to you.
This is a FIGHT that requires Strategy, Loyalty, Unity, and Friendship. Put your dignity and honor on the line and download Magic Wars. Join millions of players from all around the world.
WAR is about to begin!
Magic Wars Features:
★ 4 Great Races Developing Together. Infinite Troop Combo Possibilities! ★- Humans, Orcs, Night Elves, and the Undead unite in one city - Harvest resources under the Tree of Life of the Night Elves- Train soldiers in the Great Hall of the Orcs- Research Tech in the Human’s Magic Tower- Resurrect fallen soldiers at the Undead’s Altar of Darkness - Construct a base with over 16 unique buildings!
★ Intuitive World Map: Mobilize Your Grand Army! ★- Defend your kingdom using the most intuitive World Map in mobile gaming - Real world like World Map interface puts you in command- Maintain control over your troops every second with the unique Troop Recall feature- Zoom out to view troop movements across the continent- Zoom in on battles to see every swing of the sword and volley of arrows- Craft elaborate battle strategies & react instantly to enemy attacks- War strategy like never before – get complete control unlike any other mobile game
★ Alliance Wars, Kingdom Wars, Cross-World Wars! Get Your War On! ★- War is the currency in this world where might makes right! - Keep your war engine roaring with non-stop tech upgrades and soldier training- Defend your territory and resources from invaders- Protect your allies and rally them to your cause- Wage war on the vile Monsters who have overrun the World Map- Resource Wars & Alliance Wars, Kingdom Wars & Cross-World Wars and even World Boss Wars—a warrior’s work is never done!
★ The Ultimate Quest System & Never-ending Official Events! ★- Searching for a competitive edge? Take advantage of constant Quests & Events!- Take on Daily Quests, New Player Quests, Recommended Quests, & Random World Map Quests- Degree of difficulty varies, but the rewards are always outstanding!- Earn rare items that grant powerful abilities- Enjoy frequent events in our active online community for even more rewardsDo you want to see Frost Dragons, Minotaurs, Mages, Witches, and Druids all fighting under the same banner? Do you want to experience the best fantasy-themed War Strategy game of 2016? Then Magic Wars is just what you’ve been looking for!
☆ Contact Magic Wars ☆In-Game: Avatar ->Settings ->Contact UsEmail: MagicWarsGame@gmail.comFacebook: